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possible username change?

Hey everybody c: long time no see. Crawling back in after a long and insane absence, and it feels good to be back. Sorry for disappearing on you guys. Life has been really tough for the past year or so. There were a lot of deaths in the family and I almost lost my dad, so things have been super stressful. But I did start dating a wonderful lady named Rev, and our anniversary is in 10 days <3 so it hasn't been all bad. I'll throw more life details at you guys if you're interested, but for now I won't tl;dr at everyone and just leave it at that.

But to the point of the entry, just a heads up to everybody that I might be changing my username sometime soon! Not sure to what, but the massive purge freed up a lot of usernames I wanted, so I'm thinking of buying a rename token. Meaning if I do that I'll have to in good conscience start using LJ much more again XD

So anyway, I hope everybody's doing good!
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important info for anybody who wants to stay in touch with me

SO, I'm sure at this point most of you have noticed how ridiculous LJ's gotten over the last year. And if this is any indication, it's about to get a lot worse pretty fast. I've really only been on LJ to RP recently, and only one of my LJ-based games is still on LJ. This means that for the most part, I'll probably be retiring this journal and moving over to Dreamwidth. I actually did the big move last January, but not entirely, though I haven't really been doing anything in the way of OOC stuff, just RP XD I'll still be posting to this journal now and then to chat with anyone who isn't moving to DW, but otherwise I'm cutting most of my ties with LJ. It's trying so hard to make itself into another version of Facebook, and I'm sticking to DW because it's what LJ used to be; a friendly and warm environment that was about journaling and talking to friends, not about getting the top ranked posts and whatnot.

If you guys have or plan to get Dreamwidth accounts, you can find me at healthdrinks. It's friends-only, but if you friend me I'll friend you back, especially if you leave a comment on my public post there telling me who you are c: I've imported all my old entries and comments from this journal, so it'll be just a move, not a new start. I probably will be pretty scarce around LJ for the most part, as evident from the almost year with no entries ^^; so if you want to stay in touch, it's a better bet to friend me on DW

On another note, it's my... sixth year of doing NaNoWriMo, I think! My novel info is here if anyone's interested, and I'd love to become NaNo buddies if you guys are doing it this year.

Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.


There's nothing I can say to rant about that 2000+ and counting people haven't already said, so rather than rant, I'll just say that in short, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and ranting about the stupid new comment system.

Oh, LJ. Why do you feel the need to fix things that aren't broken?

passion is good

So I've been up all night because I can't sleep, because my protagonist has suddenly started to take shape and the getting is good for writing right now. I don't know how it is for other people, but for me, writing is either feast or famine. I mean when it's famine I still write anyway, even though it's dry and tasteless and makes no sense. I've got this whole folder of stuff I wrote through famine periods, because my fingers move on the keyboard no matter what. But when it's feast, it flows endlessly and it's like I have some weird connection to some distant world of magic or something that sends these thoughts and this sort of weird wisdom I'm sure I don't really have into my fingers, through my heart and not my brain. Like, my brain has no part of writing when it's feast.

But the point of all this is that I was thinking that I want to be annoyed because my writing won't let me sleep, but all I can be is happy because all I can think about is how much I LOVE WRITING. Seriously, it's the one thing I've been consistently passionate about since I could form coherent thoughts. Before I could hold a pencil I would come up with these long and complicated tales on my head and draw them out in scribbles, and then in grade school I'd tap out these stupid long stories on notebook paper, and then eventually I moved on to writing horror novels in notebooks in high school. And then I discovered writing on the computer and I was pumping out thousands of words a week of crappy fanfiction and horrific tales of the occult, endlessly, until it started becoming something like actual novels. I think I've morphed into a completely separate person at least four times since I got really into writing, but this crazy blinding passion for it is something that's remained consistent no matter what, no matter how sad or scared or self-loathing or stupid or jaded or whatever else I've ever been I was, writing still WORKED. It's like this connection to something outside of myself, something bigger, some other world that I can only scrape a little bit of fairy dust off the edge of when I write. Is this what it feels like for monks when they meditate? Is this that sublime state of mind they reach, or what? Am I tasting it a little bit? It's so exciting to think about, and it makes me so damn happy.

So wow... that was a novel in itself, wasn't it? XD I guess the point of this is that it's good to have passion for at least one thing, even if it's just purely recreational like mine is.

So what's your passion? Comment here, or write up your own minirant and link me to it. I want to know <3
Ouran buddies

NaNoWriMo 2011

So, guess who forgot to post about NaNoWriMo until the middle of the month? *derp*

This year I'm writing a horror novel called Redsel. It's mostly about this area of the woods where something horrible happened in the 1800's, and now it's more or less cursed and people who end up there (whether by coincidence or by fate conspiring or something) have to deal with some pretty awful things.I won't give much away, but it's hella gruesome so far, guys.

If you guys wanna become buddies, my NaNo page is here <3

Also, I've been getting a lot of people asking when I'm going to update How to Make Love Like a Host, and the answer is: soon, but next month at the soonest. With NaNo going on I don't have any time for fanfiction and I'm sorry, guys D:

So, tell me about you guys' NaNo novels if you're doing it, 'kay? I want to know.
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Writer's Block: Part deux

Which movie sequel do you like better than the first, and why?

I like The Grudge 2 WAY better than The Grudge. I thought The Grudge was completely stupid and cheesy, like an exact copy of Ju-On only not scary... and then I saw the sequel. I actually cried a little out of fear XD it's pretty hard to scare me, so I really appreciated that movie. I made me happy. I recently bought it at a garage sale and rewatched it. Still scary.

So as far that fandom goes, for me it's just Ju-On and then The Grudge 2. The Grudge and Ju-On 2 were both pretty stupid. Don't remember how I feel about The Grudge 3 anymore. All I remember is that it reminded me of Silent Hill 4 a little too much.
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icons, icons everywhere

So, I still don't have my computer fixed. Haven't for months. So what have I been spending all my non-writing free time doing, you ask? Why, making icons, my good chum! I've made hundreds of them. Some of them (mostly Ouran ones XD) are on my flash drive, but others I didn't save but left floating around Photobucket instead. So, I figured I'd share the PB ones now. They're for various characters and fandoms. When a character caught my fancy I'd just go and make a bunch of icons of them XD

you can find the icons here

I'll probably be adding more off and on as time passes. A couple of them aren't icons but other graphics that I made for my sister x3 Enjoy!

I'll share the Ouran ones later XD this is what I get for actually saving them and not being lazy.