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☆Here's to the night we felt alive☆

if I wanted to taste the damn rainbow, I'd eat a lesbian!

Tama-chan ♥
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about me

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♥Who is Moonchild10?♥

My beautiful wifey is shiningxsky
My communist dictator lover is hamwad
My best friend IRL/my Kyouya is suddenkiss
The other half of Kamaki Taoru is demi_rabbit
My second wife is lovinjerryt

I claimed Fujioka Ryouji at ouran_claims

-Named Dani Elle Dawn McCafferty
-Prefers to be called "Dani"
-Originally Norwegian and Irish
-An optimistic, friendly fool
-A hopeless romantic
-An unstoppable force of nature the likes of which this world has never seen
-Your potential best friend
-A struggling novelist
-A fan of music, writing, instant food, anime, manga, and impractical things that make life more fun
-Retarded when it comes to romance
-Someone to talk to
-A lover of fireworks, friends, and special times
-More sentimental than logical
-22 years old
-bisexual... or maybe pansexual
-A hippie with type O+ blood
-A Libra in the western zodiac and a Dragon in the Chinese
-short and flat-chested
-Outspoken, stubborn, and will say the things others are afraid to say
-Not materialistic
-left handed
-A total, unashamed fangirl
-Has a huge fangirl crush on Tamaki Suoh ^^;
-A lover of picnics, festive things, and joy
-Thinks holidays are fun

I love being alive and I love living each day to the fullest! I'll make a solemn vow right now that if you have a problem, I'll do everything in my power to help. Okay? Okay.

My friends call me Danie/Dani (both are pronounced the same), Dan-Dan, Panda Bear, Tama-chan, and a variety of other nicknames. Feel free to take your pick or give me one of your own!

I want to learn Japanese, Italian, and Russian and get better at speaking French (I'm not fluent yet, pas encore de toute façon)! I think being able to speak foreign languages is important if we're all going to get along and understand each other.

In the near future I'd love to work in a flower shop and get some of my writing published. When I grow up (if I ever really "grow up" XD), I think it would be fascinating to become a foreign diplomat or a detective or maybe a lawyer. I have no idea yet! I'd really love to enter the FBI as a forensic pathologist but I can't afford all the schooling.

I've got some psychic abilities, but I'm not awesome or anything (mostly just "inklings" and prophetic dreams/being able to tell when someone is going to die), so it's not all that useful. Someday I'd like to help people with it, but for now it's more a curse than a blessing. I don't mention that kind of thing a lot because most people just think I'm crazy XD

♥The Interests♥

Likes: music, writing, anime, manga, yaoi, yuri, het, friends, fireworks, hide and seek, good times, optimism, instant food, shopping, sparkly things, gay boys, swimming, transvestites, food, bubble baths, art, seasons, pairings, fun, glitter, flowers, making new friends, being alive

Dislikes: homophobia, public restrooms, eggs, rude people, anyone closed-minded, when people can't take a joke, those who feel sorry for themselves instead of trying to fix things

♥Ouran High School Host Club
♥Princess Princess
♥Death Note
♥Fruits Basket
♥Howl's Moving Castle
♥Vampire Knight
♥Dead Leaves
♥Silent Hill
♥Ugly Americans

I'm ridiculously addicted to the Tamaki x Haruhi pairing, for some reason. I'm a big fan of random pairings (from almost any given fandom) as well. I really, really love Ayame x Yuki and Kasanoda x Tetsuya, especially. Hikaru x Haruhi, Zero x Yuuki, and Yuki x Machi tend to really turn me off, though.

This is my primary journal, but if you'd like to add me on my others, they are:
cupcaketime, chocolatelle, yuukiyuuki, ladyarabella, rot_kitty, venomcupcake, misacupcake, meikyou_chan, koishii_ranshi, yaoiful, pink_meringue, sugarysky

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